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AF608 Giant Ribbed Anal Cone


Take a gradual approach to stretching your hole with a unique dildo that increases in size the further you insert it. The tip is shaped like a small penis head to get you started, but as you plant yourself further and further down the length, you will be opened up wider and wider The bulging rings will provide a jolt of pleasure with every half inch. Take the stretch at your own pace and soon you will be able to accommodate any huge dildo or big dick Measurements: 11.25 inches in total length, 10.25 inches insertable. Increases from 1.25 to 3.5 inches in diameter. Material: Non-phthalate PVC Color: Black.

AF601 Wrecking Balls XXL Giant Dildo


Looking to test your limits? This enormous plug consists of 3 smooth bulbs that will stretch you open more and more as you plant yourself further down its length. The tapered tip gives you a little help to start, but you may have to work at this challenge A ridge beneath the first bulb provides a reward for your effort as you move on to bigger and better things. Think you can make it to the final frontier? How many bulbs can you fit before you burst with orgasm? Measurements: 14 inches in total length, 13 inches insertable. First bulb is 4.75 inches in diameter, second bulb is 5.25 inches in diameter, third bulb is 5.75 inches in diameter. Material: Non-phthalate PVC Color: Black.