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AH237 Padded Spreader Bar with Restraints


Open up your kinky play by spreading arms or legs with this padded, spreader bar. A little elevation from this cushion keeps your partner comfortable while they’re restrained with the built in ankle or wrist cuffs and clips! This lightweight, high-density foam cushion is covered in a luxurious vegan-friendly, faux leather with soft wrist and ankle cuffs. Set includes 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 4 connectors with D-rings and 2 restraint connectors. This foam bar keeps its shape and supports your body weight without letting you sink through the pillow. The ergonomic material and shape is designed to support your body while in bondage for added comfort! Place it under knees, ankles, back or neck while ankles or wrists are bound to each end of the bar. Experiment with naughtier positions than ever before. Use it behind your shoulders to arch the chest, behind the low back to lift the hips, under the neck to prop up the head if your partner is face up. Place it under their pelvis or hips to more easily access their G-spot or P-spot when face down. If you want them to kneel, protect their knees and keep them more securely restrained by having them place the padded bar between their thighs and ankles. Change the way you play and still keep it comfy! Keep their wrists, ankles, or both at once spread for pleasure! Bolster Cushion can be wiped down after your session for easy clean up! Measurements: Length: 30 inches. Width: 5 inches. Wrist cuffs adjust up to 14.5 inches in circumference. Ankle cuffs adjust up to 19 inches in circumference. Materials: PU leather, PU foam, nylon, ABS plastic Color: Black