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AH301 Pink Kitty Bondage Set


The perfect tiger kitty kit to make you go “UWU”! Dress up yourself or your partner in bondage that really makes a statement. This unique rose pink, soft peach and white set is made out of vegan friendly leather and held together with beautiful gold plated metal rivets. Included in the kit are pairs of wrist and ankle cuffs, a kitty collar with a bow, faux leather blindfold, a 4 strap hogtie to hold wrists and ankles together, and an adorable kitten-paw paddle! The leather is white with a rose pink tiger stripe print all over it. Each of the cuffs are adjustable for comfort and have D-rings for the hogtie or other bondage gear to attach to. The long, golden chain connects to the cute kitty collar and has a leather handle. The paddle is shaped like a cat head but has a plush, padded side with a large cat’s paw print on it that is cushioned and feels thuddy and a flat side that offers a more stingy feeling. All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. Spot clean vegan leather as needed by spraying with toy cleaner and wiping dry with a soft cloth. Imagine your lover adorned in their kitten bondage, wearing nothing but lingerie. You give them kitten ears and a tail to add to their look and they grin up at you happy to accept. You flip them onto their belly and begin to cuff their wrists together. You warm up their backside using the paddle. First, you start with your hands. Then you use the plush, padded side. Finally, their bottom gets rosy and pink as you use the harder, flat side. They’re blindfolded as you bend them even more and cuff their ankles to their wrists. You pull them to the edge of the bed, stick your fingers in their mouth and make them suck them. Once they are nice and wet you take your fingers and begin to slide them inside your lover. They begin to move and squeal. Their body writhes, squirming in pleasure. They can’t get out of the position and they get wetter and wetter with excitement and frustration! Finally you let them free of the hogtie, turn them around, and use them for your pleasure! Measurements: Wrist cuffs adjust from 5.75 inches to 9 inches circumference. Ankle cuffs adjust from 7.5 inches to 11 inches circumference. Collar adjusts from 12 inches to 15 inches circumference. Blindfold is 8.25 inches x 3.25 inches and adjusts from 21.5 inches to 26 inches in circumference. Leash overall length: 44.5 inches. Paddle: 10.75 inches x 5 inches. Cuff connectors: 7.25 inches in length (including clips). Hogtie connectors: 4.75 inches in length (including clips). Materials: PU leather, metal Color: Rose pink, peach pink, white, gold