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AH193 Lover’s Doggy Style Strap


Get ready for deeper penetration and more control in the bedroom! With this Lover’s Strap you can grab your partner by the handles and pull their backside towards you in Doggy Style pose! Flip them on their back and get deeper penetration with their legs up! The wide, padded center of the strap is comfortable and plush so it cushions their body as you both pound each other! The nylon straps are durable and strong so they can handle each tug and pull. The straps are super easy to adjust for a perfect length! Keeping them clean is easy, too! Just throw it in the washing machine after each use or spot clean as necessary. Get your partner on all fours, then wrap the strap around their waist. Adjust the length as necessary and then grab hold of each loop to tug them backwards as you thrust! Doggy style never felt so good! Switch it up by flipping them onto their back! While on their back, have the padded part of the strap behind their neck and then pull their legs up, knees bent, so they can put their feet in the loops like stirrups! Adjust the length again as needed and enjoy how open their hips are… and how amazingly deep you can get as you penetrate them! Don’t be surprised if it gets really wet and juicy, either! This pose makes it much easier to stimulate your partner’s G-spot or P-spot! Measurements: Doggy strap: 20 inches Length x 5.75 inches Width. Handles adjust from 12 inches to 23 inches in length. Materials: Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic Color: Black