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AH279 Lover’s Massage Candle – Vanilla


Do something a little different with this Lover’s Vanilla Scented Massage Candle by Bedroom Bliss. This unique blend of coconut and soy provides an exceptionally soothing and relaxing blend that moisturizes the skin as you use it. The scent is mild but distinct so you and your lover will always remember those hot nights whenever you smell vanilla. With a low melting point, you can easily get the candle dripping and use it to stimulate and decorate your partner’s body with wax! As a bonus, the soy wax has a medium burning point so it takes a little while to heat up but cools quickly on your partner’s skin. As the wax touches the skin, so does the coconut that is mixed in with the soy! That means your skin is getting even more love and moisturizing to help protect it from the heat and primed for massage as well. When you want to clean up, use a scraping device (such as a plastic card) to scrape the wax off their body when done, or spank it off their spankable areas to have fun during removal! Make sure to keep the candle away from any flammable materials. There are many ways to enjoy wax play. Take a class to find out how to have fun and stay safe! If you’re new to wax play, set up a splash zone and lay down a towel or tarp to protect against wax spills. Test it on your arm or thigh first before trying it on your partner. Start high up and then get closer as you test out temperature and technique. Start by holding the candle 3 feet away from the body to drip wax. Blow out flame before pouring to reduce splashing. Layer the wax over the same spot to increase the intensity. Rub your hand over the wax drops in order to disperse heat. With the coconut added into the soy, you can take breaks and massage it into your partner’s skin for a deeply relaxing and arousing experience together! Measurements: Overall: 2.9 inches Height x 2.45 inches Width x 2.45 inches Depth. Burn time: Approx. 15 hours Materials: Coconut wax, soy wax, essential oil. Melting Temperature: 118-122˚ F (48-50˚ C) Color: White Note: Hold 3 feet away from the body to drip wax. Blow out flame before dripping.