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AG697 Zip Front Bondage Hood


Darken the senses with this Zip Front Bondage Hood! This hood denies the senses and blinds your sub with ease, making it simple to engage in kinky objectification play. Featuring two eye holes and a pair of breathing holes in the inner hood so your partner can see whats coming, only for you to zip up the front to take away their vision. The inner hood is crafted to be breathable even with the outer hood zipped shut, while the lace-up back makes it easy to find the perfect fit for all head shapes and sizes. Deny you lovers sight without making them uncomfortable and transform them into an object for your pleasure! The inner lining is soft and flexible with an exterior made with lightweight PU leather for a comfortable fit and texture for stress-free extended sessions. Combine this hood with other Bondage accessories like wrist cuffs, spreader bars, and floggers for a genuine dungeon aesthetic and experience! Measurements : Overall length 13 inches, overall width 13.5 inches, neck circumference 18 inches Materials : PU Leather, Metal (Nickel free) Color : Black