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AH079 Mouth-Full Dildo Face Mask


Train your partner to keep a dong in their mouth and secretly gag them in public! Use this lightweight, breathable cotton facemask in public places and hide the fact there’s a dildo in their mouth! No one will ask questions about the mask and you’ll be able to continue your kinky play that usually only happens behind closed doors in a public setting. Only you and your partner will know. The dildo gag is made from phthalate-free, silky smooth, premium silicone and is a comfortable 1.6 inches in diameter and almost 3 inches long! For some submissives, this will help them learn to control their gag reflex; for others, it will help with their oral fixation to have something sexy in their mouth while you take control in public! After you return home and your public scene is over, detach the silicone dildo and throw the cotton mask into the laundry and wash it on a cool setting. Wash the dildo separately with mild soap and warm water, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry. Store in a cool, dark place separate from other silicone toys. Your submissive has been good, but the scene isn’t over and it’s time to go out! Since many people wear masks in public and don’t bat an eye these days, you have them slip on the ball gag mask and tighten it so it doesn’t get loose. As you walk around in public, they are quietly muffled and must swallow their spit or else it will get their cloth mask wet. Keep a gentle hand on them; that ball gag may just keep them in a submissive headspace even in public. Let them whimper and moan but don’t let them speak until allowed! The kinky game is a secret between only you two! Measurements: Mask is 9 inches long x 6 inches high. Dildo: 2.8 inches in length, 1.6 inches in diameter. Materials: Silicone, cotton, nylon, Velcro, metal Color: Black