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AG455 XL Doggy Style Position Strap


This Doggie Style Strap is easy to use and perfect for couples! Add more power and control to your doggystyle fun with this comfortable and accessible addition to your bedroom – this strap gives you more leverage on your partners waist so you can add a little extra power to your thrusts. Strike deep and control the hips of your lover with ease, and with little discomfort! Simply wrap this strap around their waist and pull firmly for more intense thrusting and grinding. Made with durable materials so you can get wild without worry. This doggy style strap is machine washable! Toss it with your other darks in the washing machine for a convenient clean whenever you need. Measurements: Overall length 35 inches, band length 19.5 inches, band width 6.2 inches, loop strap width 1 inches Materials: Polyester, nylon Color: Black