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AH059 Locking Cock and Ball Ring


With this Locked Cock locking cock and ball ring set you are invited to be both excited and ready for the night as well as locked into captivity! With a secure locking mechanism built into the device, the rings are securely kept together and your shaft and balls are kept restricted as long as the device is on. Use the gold key included with the rings to lock the cock ring to the ball ring; choose between the 1.75 inch or 2 inch diameter ring to fit around your balls and scrotum then slide the cock ring over your shaft to lock into place. Do not lose the ring! Once in place, this stainless steel set of rings will hold you rigid and firm for as long as you desire! The cold, hard steel is durable, long-lasting, temperature sensitive and non-porous; use it with any type of lubricant. It is also easy to clean; boil it in water after use or use a cleaning solution. For the simplest option, rinse with warm water and mild soap before spraying with toy cleaner. Enjoy hours of enhanced sensation and improved performance with this sexy, steel set! Start by choosing the ring size that feels comfortable around your balls. Then, slip one testicle in at a time. Once both are through the ring, pull a semi flaccid shaft through the ring as well. Grab your cock ring and slip it over the head of your shaft and line it up with the locking pins of the ball ring, then take the key and lock it securely into place. For your first time, use it for no more than 30 minutes to an hour; make sure you don’t feel numbness. Once you get used to wearing it, enjoy enhancing playtime with your partner or simply enjoy how the cool, hard steel feels against your shaft! LOCKING 1. Slot the cock ring into the ball ring of your choice. 2. Insert gold locking pin all the way into the keyhole. 3. Turn key clockwise to lock. 4. Pull out key. UNLOCKING 1. Insert key into keyhole. 2. Turn key counter-clockwise to unlock gold locking pin. 3. Pull out key with gold locking pin. Measurements: Cock ring inner diameter: 1.25 inches. Ball ring inner diameters: 1.75 inches, 2 inches. Materials: Stainless steel Color: Grey

AF992 Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes


Teach your slave a lesson with a vicious cock cage that reminds them that you can do whatever you want to that pathetic thing between their legs Not only does this chastity device keep your plaything from achieving an erection, but it also ensures that they are in as much discomfort as you want Decide how tight you want the device by fitting their whole package with one of the two base rings, then trap their penis with the cage, which is made of hex nuts. Secure the two together with the lock… now comes the fun part Strategically placed within the cage are 10 screw spikes, which can be taken out and moved around according to your desires. Use the allen wrench to screw them in or out, driving the sharp tips into their flesh as far as you want. This CBT chastity device will remind your partner who the boss is. Measurements: Cage portion is 1.75 inches in length, with a 1.3 inch diameter opening. Rings have an inner diameter of 1.75 inches and 1.95 inches. Material: Stainless steel Color: Grey Note: Includes cage, two rings, lock, keys, and allen wrench

AE795 Solitary Extreme Confinement Cage


Lock up his dick in solitary confinement His cock will not be getting any attention while it is trapped in this intensely constricting chastity device. Yank his cock and balls through one of the two base rings, sized differently to fit your submissive the way you like it. Lock the shaft portion of the cage in place, squeezing his flaccid cock for the ultimate incarceration. Now he is completely at your mercy, unable to find release unless you allow him to. This sturdy stainless steel cage can be worn for as long as you desire, with a faucet feature that allows him to urinate. His cock belongs to you… and you hold the key Measurements: 2.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches insertable. Base rings measure 1.75 inches and 2 inches in width. Material: Stainless steel. Color: Grey.

AB292-L The Bird Cage Chastity Device – Large


Prevent a complete erection with the super secure Bird Cage Chastity Device Experience the pleasure of anticipation and the power play of chastity by keeping him locked up until you decide he should be free. This high-quality chastity device allows you to have complete control over the sexual freedom of your partner Tease and please him, but ensure that he cannot become fully erect. Simply place the ring section behind the testicles and then insert the penis into the cage. Fit the two pieces together and close them with the included small padlock. Cage-style body allows for easy cleaning and urination. Measurements: Cock ring measures approx. 2 inches inside diameter; cock cage measures approx. 6 inches total length and 5.5 inches in circumference. Material: Chrome plated steel Color: Grey Note: Includes ring, cage, padlock, two keys, and carrying pouch

AB813 The Jail House Chastity Device


Experience the power play of keeping your partner under lock and key Lock up his most intimate areas in the Jail House Chastity Device for an exciting exchange of dominance and submission as well as erotic anticipation. In this device he will not be able to achieve a complete erection, but you will be able to tease, please, and seduce him. Choose one of the three different-sized rings that fits him best and place it over the cock and balls, behind the scrotum. Fit the chastity cage over the penis and then secure the ring and cage together with the included padlock. A perfect addition to your bondage collection, he will not be able to get you off his mind when he is wearing this sexy chastity device Measurements: Chastity cage is approx. 3.25 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches in circumference; small ring measures approx. 1.5 inches inside diameter; medium ring measures approx. 1.75 inches inside diameter; and large ring measures approx. 2 inches inside diameter. Material: Chrome-plated steel. Note: Includes padlock with two keys and a velvet carrying pouch.