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AH213-L Pussy Panties Silicone Vagina + Ass Panties – Large


With silicone pussy panties you can play with your gender, live out a fantasy, try something new, or enjoy a tool that helps with gender dysphoria. Built for those born with male genitalia, it is designed to be worn by tucking the penis and testicles between the thighs and out of the way and then slipping on the pussy panties. Enjoy looking down and seeing a beautiful vulva with a vaginal opening that your partner and you can enjoy! The soft, stretchy, textured vaginal canal is covered in little, grippy nubs that massage and stimulate your partner’s shaft as they penetrate you. Enjoy deeper, intimate connection as you embrace your feminine side! Want to enjoy penetration from behind? The panties have a small anal hole in the back so you can enjoy anal penetration without taking the panties off. Whether you’ve just been curious about what it would look and feel like to have a vulva, or if you feel the most intimate and authentic when you can see a pussy instead of a penis on your body, these pussy panties are here to give you unique, sexy and affirming experiences! You slip on the panties and carefully put everything in place. Once you’re comfortable, you close your eyes and slide your hand down to feel… a beautiful, sexy vulva! You get your fingers wet and slip them inside the hole. The sensation is so exciting that you feel your own organ getting firm and wet. Your partner joins you, slipping their hands in as well and adding some lube. As their rod pops out, you kiss it and then help slide it in. The pressure pushes against you and you feel their arousal and your excitement building as they thrust and stroke deep inside. Then they flip you over, use more lube, and penetrate your back entry as well! Before wearing, apply talc-free baby powder or 100% cornstarch to skin and panties before wearing. Do not pull or tug on the panties as this may cause the material to tear. Instead, roll the panties up/down over your skin when putting them on or taking them off similar to how you would put on/take off nylons. After use, wash the panties with warm water and mild soap. Air dry and store in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and separate from other toys. Measurements: Fits 21 to 34 inches waist circumference. Materials: Silicone Color: Light Note: Only use with water-based lubricants. Clean as recommended.