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AH195 Larva Silicone Ovipositor Dildo with Eggs


It’s time to get bred by alien visitors. This thick, textured shaft from Creature Cocks is one of the most colorful yet with a mix of rich, vibrant, iridescent colors with shades of pink, green, orange and purple. The shaft itself is large and thick with tiny bumps on the head, ribbed texture along the opposite side, and a mixture of textures along the rod down to the wide, suction cup base. It can be used hands-free with the assistance of the suction cup or combined with a compatible harness for penetrating strapon play or pegging! Insert any or all of the four larva eggs into the hollow sheath and then insert them into your hole, letting the ovipositor deposit those eggs to be birthed out of you later after you’re full! Made out of flexible, super soft, premium silicone both the dildo and the eggs are phthalate-free, body-safe, and best used with water-based lubricants only. To clean after, use warm water and mild soap then spray with a toy cleaner before patting dry. You wake up on an exam table. The room is warm and your clothes have been stripped from you. The cool table beneath your skin feels smooth and unusual, like an electric current runs through it. Sure enough, once you try to leave you feel a zap of energy that keeps you on the table. Then something enters the room. You can’t see it yet, but you see a glow out of the corner of your eye. It approaches slowly, and then you see its body; a completely foreign shape and size, the colors mixed together, vibrant and almost glowing with energy. An alien that you can barely look at; it overwhelms your mind and you realize that it is telepathic. Suddenly you are very aware of your nakedness and realize the alien is naked, too. Something starts to twitch and move, a large rod on their body, and it begins to drip with a cum-like cream. It climbs on top of you, pinning your helpless body down even as its mind overcomes you with waves of body-quaking pleasure. Their rod penetrates you, parting your lips and entering you deeply. Something strange happens and you feel it go deep, deep, and deeper than you thought possible! Then it fills you up with something else… you feel the pressure building. As it leaves your body you slowly rise and feel the pressure still building. Suddenly it is too much and you feel the urge to push out… one, two, three, four larva eggs leave your body! Measurements: Overall length: 9 inches. Insertable length: 7.6 inches. Narrowest insertable diameter: 1.8 inches. Widest insertable diameter: 2.4 inches. Eggs are 2 inches x 1.1 inches. Materials: Silicone Color: Multi-Color, Rainbow Note: Use only with water-based lubricant. Do not place eggs inside anus. Not recommended to use anally.