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AH379 Xeno Pussy Vulva Silicone Grinder


Rub against the textured, squishy, uniquely designed alien vulva and enjoy non-penetrative pleasure that can still take you over the edge of pleasure! For those who love direct stimulation against their erogenous zones but want a little more than the fingers and hands, this red and black Xeno vulva is designed with small beads, bumps, grooves and valleys that catch the lube and let you slip against it in passionate grinding! Made especially with vulva-owners in mind, it can also be a fun and sensual toy used against the nipples, balls, or shaft. Let your fantasies run wild as you imagine your erotic rendezvous with alien creatures! Place the grinding toy on chairs, couches, vibrating toys or in the palm of your hand to enjoy! To clean, wash with warm water and mild soap and then rinse, spray with a toy cleaner and pat dry. Store separately from other silicone toys and out of direct heat or sunlight. Use only with water-based lubricants. You open your eyes to find you’re in a warm cavern with low, red lights. Your wrists and ankles are tied together. As your vision clears, you see someone standing in the distance. Wait, no… it isn’t someone… it’s something! They walk closer and you see this red and black creature, a humanoid with flitting insect wings, large black eyes, and a slim, feminine body. They walk up to you on long, slender legs, and then crouch over you. You can see your reflection in their deep, shining, black eyes. Their narrow face opens and a long tongue reaches out to lick and taste your face. It tickles and feels oddly pleasant… Their hand reaches out to caress your face and the touch is gentle. They touch the ropes connecting your ankles and they simply dissolve into nothing. Your eyes widen as they lower their head between your thighs and begin licking you! It feels so good you begin to moan. Then they slide between your thighs, and begin to rub their own alien vulva against you. Their slick, viscous slime gets all over you and it begins to warm you up. Before you know it you’re grinding against them too, lost in a fever of passion and lust! Measurements : Overall length: 4.1 inches. Overall width: 2.3 inches. Overall height: 1.2 inches. Materials : Silicone Color : Red, black Note : Use only with water-based lubricants.