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ST186 Deluxe Adjustable Nipple Clamps


Imagine your plaything pleasantly pinched. The golden adjustable barrel style clamp set is an effective training tool in the art of endurance and sensation play. These exquisite clamps feature an accommodating golden chain that connects the clamps. The clamps feature an adjustable barrel so the wearer can graduate to a tighter fit. TPR coated tips help with grip and comfort. Measurements: 13 inches in total length, opens to 0.5 inches in width. Material: Brass, TPR. Color: Gold

SP568 Nipple to Clit Tweezer Clamp Set


Connect her most sensitive areas together. These clamps have vinyl-coated ends, linked chain, and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold them on all the way up to a really severe tit torturing pinch. They stay on, they are easy to use, they look good, and they can be heavy or light or anywhere in between. Measurements: 24.5 inches in total length, nipple chain measures 18 inches in length, clit chain measures 15.5 inches in length. Clamps open up to 1 inch in width and close completely. Material: Metal, vinyl. Color: Silver

AA473 Reign Noir Black Nipple Tweezer Clamps


Look stylish while using these Black Nipple Tweezer Clamps. Made for nipple play, also works great on other parts of the body, these clamps go around each nipple and squeeze. You can control the amount of pressure you want by simply sliding either up or down on the ring. Tease and play with them as they try and anticipate just how much pressure you’ll give them. Measurements: 18 inches in total length, each clamp measures 3 inches in length Material: Metal and vinyl Color: Black

AD542 Stainless Steel Rings of Fire Nipple Press Set


This set of screw-down nipple presses will put a sensual squeeze on your partner. Designed for intense sensations, this delicious torture device lets you control how much pain or pleasure you want to inflict on your partner. The heavy stainless steel is durable, sensual, and attractive. Measurements: Press opens to 0.75 inches in diameter, closes completely. Material: Stainless steel. Color: Silver. Note: Comes with (2) screw down nipple clamps