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AH157 Forced Spread Stainless Steel Anal Explorer


Train your booty to take larger and wider penetration with this Stainless Steel Anal Explorer! This expanding toy has a plug that dilates from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches in diameter! Enjoy how the cold, hard steel feels inside you or warm it up with a little hot water and introduce temperature play. The smooth stainless steel is nickel-free, body-safe and easy to clean. Use with any lubricant type and stretch open that hole! The tapered tip of the plug makes insertion easy. Once inside, turn the screws to start to stretch the backdoor entry as the plug separates in three separate parts. Take your time so you don’t tear anything! This is for extreme anal lovers but anyone can enjoy the pleasures of widening their backdoor! It’s perfect for training for fisting, too! The center ring is big enough for most fists to reach through, so you can stretch open the hole in preparation and then slowly bring a hand inside! Comes with 6 silicone o-rings that wrap around the plug as it pulls apart. To clean, use an isopropyl alcohol and water solution, boil in hot water after use, or use warm water and mild soap then spray with a toy cleaner. Have your partner grab plenty of their favorite, long-lasting, body-safe lube and the toy. Make sure it is clean and doesn’t have any rough surfaces. The toy should be completely smooth. Then slowly slide it inside while the plug is together on the smallest setting. Once your partner gets used to that feeling, slowly turn each of the wingnuts so that the screws pull the plug apart. Take your time and let it be a fun, pleasurable and enjoyable scene. See how far you can get, but don’t force it or rush it! Once you’re ready to end the session, slowly bring the plug back to the smallest setting and then remove it. Be sure to clean it soon after removal. Measurements: Insertable length: 3 inches. Plug expands from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches in diameter. Center ring inner diameter: 4.2 inches. Materials: Stainless steel, silicone (O-rings) Color: Metal

AH153 Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer


This stainless steel anal explorer is perfect for those into medical play who want to expand and stretch open their backdoor! Made out of strong, durable, non-porous, nickel-free steel, it’s compatible with all lubricant types and is nonporous. The Anal Explorer consists of one large ring with a diameter of 4.1 inches and 6 dilators that have smooth rods with small, round, balls on the ends of them. Insert it almost 3 inches deep and spread their hole wide open! The ring is wide enough for you to fit your fist through, as well! Each dilator rod can be adjusted individually using the wingnuts to tighten or loosen the position on the screw. Only the smooth steel will be pressing against the sensitive tissue of the anus while the spiraling screws are outside against the buttocks. To clean after use, rinse with warm water and mild soap or boil it in water. Then spray it with isopropyl alcohol and wipe clean. Grab plenty of your favorite lube and prepare the Anal Explorer by rubbing the round ball ends and rods with it. Don’t let any get on the wingnuts or it will be difficult to grip them to adjust. Insert it inside the anus while the dilator prongs are close together and not expanded. Once inside, slowly adjust to widen and expand. Do this slowly and add lube as you get wider. Listen to your partner and remind them to breathe. Do not go beyond their limit or it can cause tearing. If you can open it all the way, you can try fisting. Make sure your nails are trimmed and there are no open cuts on your hand before dipping your fist in lube and going inside. Have fun and play safe! Measurements: Insertable length: 2.9 inches. Dilators expand from 1 inch to 4.1 inches in diameter. Center ring inner diameter: 4.1 inches. Materials: Stainless steel Color: Metal

AH077 Ass Vault Locking Anal Expander


Take anal play seriously with the Ass Vault Locking Ass Expander! Made out of durable, non-porous, stainless steel, this plug is compatible with all types of lubricants and will last for years to come! For those who are kinky and love anal bondage, this is a must have! Using the flat, circular key you can expand the metal petals of the plug for a more intense backdoor fill that locks the plug in place. Once the gold pin flat key is used to officially lock the device, the petals won’t move and your rear end will be stuck in whatever position that plug is last put in. Make sure not to lose the keys so you can release your bottom from bondage! Enjoy premium quality materials that are temperature sensitive and have a substantial weight to them that can be felt as a satisfying, constant, downward pull on the rectum. The tapered tip helps make insertion easy and the slim neck and wide base keep it safely in place without worry of it being slipped further inside. The plug can easily be cleaned by boiling it in water and cleaning solution or using isopropyl alcohol. Clean it before and after each use. With the plug in a contracted position, use plenty of lube and slip the tip into your backdoor. For a more pleasant sensation, run warm water over the metal to warm it up before insertion. Once inside, use the circular flat key to expand the metal petals; only expand the petals to the degree that is comfortable and don’t force it! As you find the desired expansion, use the gold pin locking key to keep it in place so it doesn’t contract again until you let it. Make sure not to lose either key for safety reasons! Enjoy playing with your partner or even serving them and begging them to let you free after being locked into anal bondage! What will you do to earn release? EXPANDING 1. Insert flat key into rectangular opening at base of plug. 2. Turn clockwise to close the plug. 3. Turn counter-clockwise to expand the plug. LOCKING 1. Use the flat key to align the keyholes on the base of the plug. 2. Insert gold locking pin all the way into the keyhole. 3. Turn key clockwise to lock. 4. Pull out key. UNLOCKING 1. Insert key into keyhole. 2. Turn key counter-clockwise to unlock gold locking pin. 3. Pull out key with gold locking pin. Measurements: Overall length: 3.4 inches. Insertable length: 2.8 inches. Plug expands from 1.5 inches to 2.2 inches in diameter. Plug alone weighs 9.3oz (264g) Materials: Stainless steel Color: Metal Note: For safety reasons, do not misplace or lose the gold pin and locking key or the flat circular expander key.

NS125 3-Prong Anal Speculum


New stainless steel medical speculum is used to spread tissue for anal examination. The probe section is about 3.5in long, and is 3/4in in diameter when closed. When opened the prongs spread to a maximum of 2.5 inches apart. Material: Chrome Plated Brass. Color: Silver.

VF698 Anal Hole Spreader


Get a deep look inside your partners anal cavity with this device. The Anal Hole spreader is perfect item for those who enjoy cramming large objects in their anal cavity. With the anal hole spreader you can slowly train your hole to spread to its limits. The Anal Hole Spreader opens up to 5 1/2 inches wide and each blade is.25 inches in diameter and 3 inches long.

AD352 Breathable Ball Gag


This perforated gag lets you restrict the speech of your sub while still allowing them to breath easily. The smooth plastic is tasteless and odorless, and is large enough to gag them without being too uncomfortable. The vegan-friendly straps are made from soft, pliable man-made leather with a faux leather grain texture. The back closes with a standard rolling buckle, and offers full adjustment. Measurements: Ball: 1.8 inches in diameter; Strap: Adjusts from 17 to 23.25 inches in circumference, 26.5 inches in total length. Material: PU leather, metal, ABS plastic. Color: Black

NS110 Collins Speculum


A must for any medical fetish toy kit This collins speculum is made from lusterless surgical stainless steel and finished with a high gloss shine. The high quality craftsmanship gives it a smooth and comfortable feeling as it slips inside of you. No rough edges or scratches here. This device is normally used by physicians to peer deep inside your private areas. Now you can peer deep inside these same areas and let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities of fun that can be had. The sizing for this speculum are 7 1/2 inches in length, the blades spread to a width of 2 3/4 inches.

AG208 Crank Ball Gag


Open wide Your partner will not have a choice when you stuff this unique ball gag into their mouth Fasten the strap tightly at the nape of their neck, pushing the silicone ball past their bratty lips and teeth. The thick panel of fine leather will muffle any moans or whines that might still escape. Time to release the wickedness within The cruel crank allows you to push the silicone ball deeper and deeper into their mouth, prying their desperate mouth open more and more. Take your BDSM play into a new territory of tantalizing torment… Measurements: Straps adjust from 19 to 26 inches in circumference. Ball is 1.84 inches in diameter. Crank allows the ball to insert up to 3.75 inches into the mouth. Material: Silicone, leather, steel Color: Black

AE490 Dartigues Retractor Medical Hole Spreader


This medical device has two rounded prongs to delve deep into their innermost areas, spreading them wide and keeping them stretched open and at your mercy. It is designed to open wide, and keep them spread without having to hold it in place. Just squeeze the handle until they reach your desired width. They will remain open until you release the self-retaining mechanism, leaving your hands free to explore other pleasures. The stainless steel is smooth, seamless, easy to clean, and will last for years. Measurements: 12 inches in total length, 3 insertable. Opens to 6 inches maximum width. Prongs measure 1.75 inches in width. Material: Stainless steel. Color: Grey

NS225 Huge Equine Vaginal Speculum


Wow. The shear sight of this device would make most drop to their knees for mercy. This HUGE all stainless steel vaginal speculum was designed for large animals. Used for diagnostic examinations and or other procedures. Excellent quality, being made of surgical stainless steel it can be processed for frequent sterilizations and long life. To operate speculum simply turn the hand screw until desired opening is achieved. Measurements: Length from end to end of the entire instrument is 17 inches with a maximum spread of near 4 inches. The length from end to end of the speculum blades is 13-3/4 inches. The baseball in the photos gives a sense of proportion and size. This is the King of Speculums for the most eXtreme edge players. It tips the scale at 2.6 lbs.

IS117 Isabella Sinclaire Anal Speculum


Medical play is exciting and this device adds a bit of edge to the usual speculum style. Great for those moments when you want them to open wide -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire This unique spreader has three rounded fingers that dilate evenly, with a squeeze handle that is easy and smooth to operate. The adjustable locking screw allows you to keep it open to the perfect diameter. Medical grade and heavy duty, this instrument is designed to look and feel authentic for years to come. One of the most sought after Dominas in the world, Isabella Sinclaire has been a pillar of the fetish community and a fetish icon since 1993 and one of the first Pro Dommes with an online presence. She is a revered expert with an unparalleled knowledge on all types of BDSM activities and a deep understanding for those that participate in them. Isabella Sinclaire is also an international film star that has created or starred in over 60 BDSM films. The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand-picked by Isabella Sinclaire for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill and class. Measurements: Insertable probes measure 3.5 inches in length, with a diameter that opens from .75 inches to 2.5 inches Material: Stainless steel Color: Grey

NS135 Jennings Dental Mouth Gag


This medical device is used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. Made of high quality Stainless Steel with a matte finish Measurements: 5.5 inches in width. Opens to 2 inches wide outer measurement, 1.45 inches inner measurement Material: Stainless steel Color: Grey