AB836 Strict Leather Strip Tip Crop


Ride their ass to the finish line with the Strict Leather Strip Tip Crop You can enjoy leaving some nice pink marks on their upturned bottom, thighs, or feet with the quality leather loop tip and flexible handle of this essential impact toy. The nylon braided covering on the wand portion of this crop gives you comfortable, non-slip grip, and the loop handle at the end lets you hang it up for display when not in use, to remind your sub that they may be corrected if they get out of line. Pick up this smart looking crop today and tomorrow you can watch it snap against your slave and hear them yelp as they learn to obey Measurements: 26.5 inch total length, tip is 2 inches long, 0.65 inches wide, Material: Leather, Nylon, ABS, Color: Black

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Leather tip, springy shaft, classic shape

Additional information

Weight 0.11 lbs
Dimensions 26.5 × 0.65 in


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