AC609 The Rack Compactor


The Rack Compactor is designed for some cold, hard breast torment. Once your sub is properly restrained, you can place the stainless steel crossbars above and below their breasts and begin to tighten the screws. The bars will begin to slide toward each other, effectively trapping their titties in a steel embrace. Clamp down on their rack a little or a lot and watch them beg for mercy This item may alternately used as a ball torment device: bend your man over, place the crossbars beneath his bottom, and trap his package in between, leaving him unable to stand back up and humbled before you. Measurements: Crossbars are 17.75 inches long, 0.45 inches in diameter each, Adjustment Screws are 6.25 inches long each, Material: Stainless Steel

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Compresses the breasts, screw down design, intense sensation

Additional information

Weight 1.22 lbs
Dimensions 17.75 × 6.25 in


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