AF526 Stainless Steel Spiked CBT Ball Stretcher and Crusher


This CBT tool will make you wonder what the heck you were thinking The weight alone will test your endurance, pulling down on your scrotum with over a pound of metal. Experience the painful pleasure on your own or with a partner, using the allen wrench to open and close the rings. Customize the experience by adjusting the nuts and fasteners to control the positioning of the rings on the shanks. Finally, this wicked device introduces another element of agony: wing nuts control a plate of sharp nails that can be raised to prick at those desperate balls Each of the 19 points will deliver delicious agony while the stretcher and gravity do their work Measurements: Inner diameter of rings is 1.4 inches. Minimum stretching length is 1 inch with both rings pressed together. Material: Stainless steel. Color: Grey. Note: Allen wrench is included.


Heavyweight, adjustable pressure, rounded spikes

Additional information

Weight 1.16 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.4 in


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