AF985 Leather Paddle With Slots


Make an impact with this heavy-duty paddle, featuring holes that allow air to pass through for a more aerodynamic swing. You will be able to hit flesh with more swiftness and power, delivering harder strokes and more painful pleasure. The sturdy, thick leather is no joke The metal handle adds a cool weight to your control. A loop at the end can be worn around your wrist for more security during use, as well as utilized for hanging storage. Your masochist will fall in love with the intimidating appearance and follow-through of this tool. Measurements: 17.25 inches in length, 4.5 inches in width. Paddle is .3 inches thick Material: Leather, metal Color: Black


Slots for aerodynamic swing, Thick leather, Wrist Loop

Additional information

Weight 1.23 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 4.5 in


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