AG453-2XL Lace Envy Black Crotchless Panty Harness – 2XL


This great alternative to a strapon harness is comfy and compatible with all dildos! Play with a different dynamic with this Crotchless Panty Harness! This harness has a universal O-ring that can fit any strapon dildo. The wide, elastic waistband is comfortable and hugs you above the hips. Designed so that you can both give and receive pleasure during play, it is crotchless and has an open back that exposes your booty, too! This comfortable, easy to play in, supportive panty is made of nylon and is machine washable on a cold cycle. It can also be hand washed in mild soap and cool water. Slip these sexy panties on and then grab your chosen pegging dildo. Slip the dildo under the waistband and push it through the hole in the front. The O-ring will hold it in place and keep it from slipping it. Depending on the weight, it may need some manual support or it will pull the panties down. Grab some lube and your aroused partner and enjoy! Measurements: 18 inches waistband diameter, fits 35 to 40 inch waist circumference. O-ring inner diameter: 1.75 inches Materials: Spandex Color: Black

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Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 18 in


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