AH049-Large Possession Stainless Steel Locking Collar – Large


Make your submissive status obvious to your kinky friends and partners with a Stainless Steel Locking Collar! Wear it for short scenes or for long term wear such as weeks or months at a time! Made out of durable, strong, and nickel-free stainless steel, it’s easy to clean and perfect for sensitive skin types. To clean, simply use soap and water while it’s still on during a shower. If it’s taken off and requires a thorough cleaning, boil it in hot water. Use the hex-key included to lock it in place. This subtle and elegant collar locks into place and stays on until you’ve been released! Pair it with every outfit and wear it night and day! Enjoy the weight and feel of the metal on your skin as a constant reminder of your Dominant/submissive relationship and your partner’s love. If you want to use it as an accessory, feel free to pair it with other steel or silver accessories and an edgy outfit! Measurements: Band width: 0.3 inches. Inner circumference: 17 inches (43cm). Materials: Stainless steel Color: Silver

Additional information

Weight 0.54 lbs
Dimensions 5.41 in


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