AH166 E-stim Baton


Intensify your kinky play with e-stim! This baton is built so anyone can use it and deliver sensational electrostimulation. The handle is easy to grip and weighted for easier balance and use. Enjoy 360 degrees of e-stim power across the entire surface of the baton. Enjoy a multitude of ways that you can excite and shock your partner with this versatile tool! Made out of zinc alloy and ABS plastic, it is nickel-free and phthalate-free for sensitive bodies to enjoy. Choose between two different levels of intensity as you tease and play. Along the sides of the baton the electricity is spread out and less intense. At the top are two round circles of metal that deliver a more intense, pinpoint sensation. Play safe and don’t use e-stim near the heart, head or on anyone with a pacemaker. In your kinky scene you’ve introduced a new toy. It looks innocent at first glance, but the uniqueness is in the experience not the way it appears. As you turn your submissive partner over to expose their round backside, you lightly spank them to warm them up. Then you switch the baton. They’re blindfolded, so their senses are heightened and the yelp of alarm and surprise is satisfying to hear. It’s a good thing you restrained them because as you gently shock them all across their body, they writhe and squeal in pain and delight! Measurements : Overall length: 17.25 inches. Overall width: 1.1 inches. Materials : ABS plastic, zinc alloy Color : Black Note : Keep away from water. Not recommended to use e-stim products on the chest or with partners who have pacemakers.

Additional information

Weight 0.71 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 1.1 in


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