AH198 Boudoir Brooke Love Doll


Ready to seduce you in the bedroom, the Boudoir Brooke Love Doll is a SexToyDistributing Exclusive! She’s a blonde bombshell who wants nothing more than to pleasure you and make your every dream come true. Her luscious curves and realistic look bring to life your every fantasy! With buxom, perky breasts and a round, bubbly backside, you can enjoy caressing and grabbing on to her bodacious body. Penetrate her vaginal, anal or oral love canals that are textured for your pleasure. Warm her up with the warming stick so her holes are always hot and ready for you. She comes with an array of accessories that enhance your enjoyment including a lace Babydoll lingerie and G-string set, nail kit, a blonde wig, a comb, a vibrating bullet and a warming stick. Adore her by doing her nails, dress her in lacy lingerie or choose something extra special for her to wear so you can customize her look. Comb out her long, wavy hair and enjoy doting on your lovely mistress. Enjoy Brooke’s company and handle your Love Doll with gentle care like the precious gift she is. When you’re ready to get intimate with Brooke, warm her up by slipping the warming stick inside one of her love canals so she gets hot and ready for you. Warm up the rest of her body by caressing and squeezing her large, heavy breasts. Slap her perky round ass and admire her pretty, pink, swollen lips and tight butthole. The curve of her hips is seductive and her dark blue eyes give you that soft, seductive gaze. Before inserting yourself inside her, remove the warming stick and turn it off, then add some water-based lubricant inside her love canal. To add a little more pleasure to the mix, insert the corded bullet vibrator into her as well -either in the same hole or an adjacent one- and use the dial on the remote to control intensity. When you’re not filling her holes, enjoy her as a companion! Dress her up, brush her hair, do her nails by giving her mani-pedi, or sit her next to you on the couch or bed as you watch your favorite shows together! Hold her close as the perfect cuddle partner or let her in on your most intimate thoughts in conversation. When you want to put her away, wrap her up gently in the fleece blanket to protect her delicate skin and handle her using the gloves provided. Use the douche bulb to rinse out and clean her love tunnels after they’ve been played with. Made out of quality TPE skin with stainless steel armature, acrylic eyes, nylon nails and a synthetic hair wig. Use only water-based lubricants for best results. Take care of your love doll so she lasts for years to come! Care and cleaning of your Love Doll: Internal Care: Your doll’s vaginal, anal, and oral canals should be cleaned after every use to keep her performing at her best. The first step is to flush her openings with a mild antibacterial soap using the douche bulb included. Remember to rinse her canals thoroughly with clean water after using soap. Continue to rinse with clean water until all of the soap has been removed. Then, allow her canals to dry thoroughly. Once she is dry, lightly dust her canal areas with Revive Renewal Powder inside and out. External Care: It’s recommended to clean your doll as needed to keep her in her best condition. To clean your doll’s face, head, and neck, use a mild antimicrobial soap applied via a soft, wet cloth. Please be gentle when washing these intricate areas and remember to never submerge her neck, head, or face. Once your doll has been cleaned, use a soft absorbent towel to gently pat your doll dry. In order to keep your doll’s lifelike skin soft and smooth, apply a light dusting of Revive Renewal Powder. Please allow her to air dry thoroughly prior to this step and remember to never use a hair dryer or any other heat source to dry your doll. Measurements: Weight: 39kg (86 lbs), Height: 160cm (5 feet 2 inches), Breast-waist-hip: 85x61x97cm (33x24x38 inches), Feet size: 21cm (US Size 5 ½), Vaginal depth: 18cm (7 inches), Anal depth: 18cm (7 inches), Oral depth: 15cm (5.5 inches). Materials: Doll: TPE skin, acrylic eyes, nylon nails, stainless steel armature. Vibrator: ABS plastic. Wig: Synthetic fibers. Color: Light Note: Skin-tone may vary. Doll does not come with clothing or shoes.

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Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 38 in


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