AH354 St. Andrew’s Cross – Deluxe


Turn any room into a dungeon with this St. Andrews Cross! Designed with durable materials, this cross is made out of iron and wood and has foam padding covered in vegan leather. The clean, classic look of this cross immediately transforms a room and sets the tone for a kinky session! The cross itself is free-standing and, weighing at only 47 lbs (21.5 kg) it can be moved relatively easily or even brought from location to location. You can choose how comfortable the cross is and adjust for various heights with the adjustable angle! Choose between 70°, 75°, and 80° before leaning your partner or submissive against the cross. There are 4 attachment points built in for ankle and wrist cuffs so you can keep them restrained during the session. To clean, spray it with a gentle cleaning solution and wipe with a soft cloth. You walk into the room and immediately see the cross. It stands out amongst the other play things. You know this night won’t be an ordinary experience; something different, dark, exciting awaits you. They guide you to a chair and have you take off almost all of your clothing. You do as they say and strip for them. Then they place wrist and ankle cuffs on you, guide you to the cross, and lean you back against it so you can see them. You’re completely at their mercy as they begin to trace their fingers over your body. Then they reveal the toys they’d been hiding under a sheet; floggers, spiked wheels, paddles, a gag and more toys you’ve never seen before. What have you gotten yourself into? But all your worries disappear as they begin to use the toys on you and your inhibitions melt away. Measurements : Assembled: 72.2 inches Height x 43.5 inches Width x 34 inches Depth . Arm leg pads: 29 inches Length x 6.5 inches Width Torso pad: 19 inches Length x 15.5 inches Width Stand angles: 70°, 75°, and 80° Materials : Iron, wood, foam, vegan leather Color : Black

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Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 43.5 in


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