AH412-White Flip Zero Gravity Vibrating – White


Take your masturbation sessions to a new level with the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity with Electronic Vibration! The Tenga White is designed with a gentle, delicate elastomer stroker inside of the firm and sleek case. Flip it open to see the complex textures that will soon take you out of this world with pleasure! Near the head is a Helical Edge Dome that creates an intense, constricting sensation near your head. At the other end, near the base, is a Moving Edge Core that has a tip that enhances the rumbling vibrations. Throughout the stroker are other complex grooves, gears and ridges that grip and massage you, specifically creating a smooth, gliding sensation with each stroke! There are another two centers that offer deep, rumbling vibrations inside and enhance each elastomer groove! Press the top of the case to choose between 5 different settings including Low, High, Pulse, Random and Swap. Control the suction by pressing the pressure pads on either side of the case and adding vacuum pressure manually! Clean up and drying is made easy with the flip-open design! The toy even has a built-in stand for maximum cleanliness while air-drying. The toy is completely waterproof for easy cleaning so you never have to worry about substances or liquids getting stuck inside the grooves. After cleaning and air-drying, dock the Tenga on the base to let it charge. Toy comes with a sample of Tenga Hole Lotion. First, make sure the Tenga is charged. Then, sit back and get comfortable! Squeeze the Hole Lotion into the hole of the Tenga toy. Begin to slide your shaft inside. Soon you’ll be feeling the delicate and soft textures that caress and massage your shaft as it glides inside. Each stroke gives a new flavor to your pleasure as you try out different vibration modes and angles. You squeeze tighter on the pressure pads and feel it begin to suck the head of your shaft as you pull out. It’s almost unbearable! You slow yourself down so you can enjoy it longer. As you stroke, you feel yourself growing in pressure and pleasure, your rod throbbing until you burst with the intensity! Measurements: (D × W × H inches): 2.7 × 3.1 × 7 inches Materials: Case and Slide Cap: PC Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Product Body: PP, Silicone, ABS, Li-ion Polymer Battery (Li-Poly) Charging Base: Silicone, ABS Color: White Note: Product comes with TENGA HOLE LOTION REAL (0.17 fl.oz.). Do not get the charging base wet; it is not waterproof.

Additional information

Weight 2.54 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.1 in


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